Here are just two of the many wishing to remain anonymous fans
of our website enjoying a recent update.
"Nuth'n like MAhobbyist® 3D printed comfort shoe inserts for
wrustling in the woods" according to Smoke from Nacho Dozes.  
Many guests aboard the Rainbow are reputed to increase their creel
by listening to the MAhobbyist® motivational tape series.
(further research is warranted to verify this factiod)
The somber faces of some who have yet to
encounter the MAhobbyist® experience.
(Hey it's not their fault, this was back in the day of rotary phones.)
The Shivers family seen enjoying two of the many sites
recommended by the MAhobbyist® off-season tour guide.
Rocky writes "The MAhobbyist® study at home pilot course
has given me a foot in the door with the airlines."
Mario writes. "My exposure to MAhobbyist® Derby Cars gave me the jump start I needed to git on the fast track at Cedar Point.
As you can see, I've advanced with new found skills....
thanks, couldn't have done it without you or your cars."
Earl from Michigan wrote with compliments for the
MAhobbyist® steroid free muscle enhancer routine.